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Vladyslav V. Smiianov, Tetiana V. Fartushok, Yuri M. Fedevych, Nadiia V. Fartushok
New view on the compatibility of hemoglobin function in the erythrocytes

Aidyn G. Salmanov, Dmytro V. Shchehlov, Maryna Mamonova, Ihor M. Bortnik, Nadiia B. Chabanovych, Yaroslav E. Kudelskyi, Daria Chekhunova
Healthcare-associated infections after neurosurgical procedures in Ukraine: a multicentre study (2020-2022)

Alla V. Boychuk, Natalia V. Kotsabyn, Julia B. Yakymchuk, Iryna M. Nikitina
Pregravid preparation of women with chronic endometritis in IVF cycles

Inna Borysova, Alexander Fesenko, Halina Fesenko, Tatiana Potapova, Alla Kirichenko, Daria Chub
International classification of functioning, disability and health with long-term consequences of cranio-brain injury

Olga Bilyayeva, Vadim Kryzhevsky, Ivan Karol, Serhii Ziablitzev
The association of TLR4 gene polymorphisms with the severity of peritonitis in acute inflammatory diseases of the abdominal cavity organs

Oksana Slaba, Zoryana Sadova-Chuba, Dzvenislava Hrushkovska, Oksana Hurka
Comparative analysis of the quality of life of women who left the territory of Ukraine during the ongoing Russia – Ukraine war and women who stayed at their homes

Olena Venger, Volodymyr Bilous, Olena Striepetova, Oleksii Kulivets, Oleksandr Oliynyk
Prodromal period of psychosis: diagnostic criteria

Andrii Rusanov, Volodymyr Vitomskyi, Iryna Roi, Natalia Borzykh, Anton Kudrin
Dynamics of disability and pain indicators under the influence of physical therapy for adhesives capsulitis and myofascial pain syndrome

Lilia Buria, Nataliia Moisieieva, Anna Kapustianska, Andrii Vakhnenko, Iryna Zviagolska, Olena Vlasova, Mariia Rumiantseva
Evaluation of the treatment strategy for complicated allergic rhinitis

Andrii A. Boiko, Vladislav A. Malanchuk, Mykhailo S. Myroshnychenko
Reparative osteogenesis in mandible in cases of filling a bone defect with hydroxyapatite-containing osteotropic material and injecting the surrounding soft tissues with thymalin: experimental and morphological study

Inna V. Bielikova, Maksim V. Khorosh, Nataliia A. Lyakhova, Oleh H. Krasnov, Tetiana V. Sharbenko, Dmytro V. Palamarchuk
Tendencies in disability of the population as a result of malignant neoplasms in Ukraine (on the example of the Poltavia region)


Nadiya O. Fedchyshyn, Anna L. Shkrobot, Nataliia I. Hantimurova, Ivanna I. Vorona, Halyna Ya. Kitura, Larysa Ya. Fedoniuk
Improving the quality of medical education throught the introduction of moodle system for the formation of terminological competence of medical students

Anatolii M. Hrynzovskyi, Serhii V. Bielai, Ihor M. Volkov, Andrii Y. Bakai, Artem V. Shevchenko, Ihor V. Yevtushenko
Public management of public healthcare under the COVID-19 outbreak: experience of Ukraine

Sergiy M. Pyvovar, Iurii Rudyk, Tetiana D Scherban
The associations of cytokines and gens polymorphisms of β-adrenoceptors in patients with heart failure and some thyroid pathology (literature review and own observations)

Olena V. Lobova, Iryna V. Avramenko, Iryna I. Shpak
COVID-19 associated anosmia in pediatric patients: subject publications review

Inha Samborska, Oleksandr Maievskyi, Larysa Podzihun, Victoriia Lavrynenko
Features of immune reactivity of the spleen and mechanisms of organ damage under the influence of animal venom toxins including scorpions (review)

Vira V. Navrotska, Oksana P. Horpyniuk, Halyna D. Boreiko
Abuse of right during application of coercive medical measures in criminal proceedings

Nataliia M. Brechka, Volodymyr O. Bondarenko, Olena V. Shcherbak, Yeugenia M. Korenieva
D-hormone and its significance for function of prostate gland (literature review and personal observations)

Inna M. Isaieva, Arsen M. Isaiev, Nataliia V. Korobtsova, Viktoriia V. Nadon, Iryna I. Puchkovska
Aggressive parenting: social, medical and legal aspects

Nataliia Stepaniuk, Alla Stepaniuk, Nataliia Hudz, Iryna Havryliuk
The impact of mitochondrial dysfunction on the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis

Oleksii Petiunin, Rostislav Shevchenko, Ostap Brek, Oleksii Kolomenskyi
Clinical classification of liver cirrhosis – a way to plan individual definitive treatment


Olga Yepanchintseva, Vasyl Babenko, Vitalina Yarosh, Olga Golubovska
The course of COVID-19 in a multiple sclerosis: a case report

Daryna B. Pylypiv, Boris M. Sharga, Olexandr A. Rishko, Vitalii Leshak, Elena Karbovanets
Relation of Streptococcus Pyogenes tonsillitis isolate to antimicrobial agents and its infection treatment

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