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Aidyn G. Salmanov, Andrii O. Shchedrov, Andrii P. Prishchepa, Volodymyr Artyomenko, Svitlana M. Korniyenko, Victor O. Rud, Anna V. Kolesnik
Postpartum infections and antimicrobial resistance of responsible pathogens in Ukraine: results a multicenter study (2020-2022)

Artur V. Kurakh, Vladyslava I. Ahii, Ivan V. Chopey, Mykhailo M. Hechko, Kseniya I. Chubirko
Characteristics of brain lesions found using MRI imaging in patients with post-COVID with signs of cognitive decline

Anatolii A. Rebryna, Andrii A. Rebryna, Halyna A. Kolomoiets, Vasyl F. Antonets, Viktor V. Flerchuk, Nataliia Liakhova, Natalia P. Kasich
Dynamics of indicators of functional state and physical development of students in the process of high-intensity
interval training

Olesya M. Horlenko, Lyubomyra B. Prylypko, Mykola V. Rishko, Galyna M. Beley, Fedir V. Horlenko, Bohdan M. Halay, Lyubov A. Halay
Multivariate analysis and mathematical modeling of the informativeness of patients cases data in chronic pancreatitis
associated with concomitant pathology

Olga S. Palamarchuk, Myroslav M. Leshko, Vladyslav O. Klushyn, Volodymyr P. Feketa
A differentiated approach to the diagnosis of overweight and obesity in children based on bioimpedance analysis of body

Kateryna Doikova, Michael Jerdev, Larysa Koval, Dmytro Valantsevych
Necrotizing enterocolitis in premature infants at different gestation ages

Oksana V. Klitynska, Yurii M. Martyts, Viacheslav R. Gurando, Nataliya V. Layoch
Effectiveness of bruxism treatment in young adults

Vitalina V. Ivachevska, Rostyslava R. Supyk, Mykhailo M. Ivachevskyi, Mykhailo M. Hechko, Antonina V. Varvarynets
Coronary artery calcium score as independent risk factor of obstructive coronary artery disease

Olha Ripetska, Volodymyr Hrynovets, Ihor Deneha, Ihor Hrynovets, Anatoliy Potapchuk, Vasyl Almashi
Cytological and microbiological investigations of professional hygiene efficiency in patients with generalized periodontitis

Mahmood Jawad, Shathel Khalaf Noman, Mohammed Rasool
Assessment of antimicrobial drugs employed at government-operated hospitals in central and northern provinces of Iraq

Antonina V. Varvarynets, Valerii D. Beliayev, Mykhailo M. Hechko, Artur V. Kurakh
Ocular lesions in patients with ulcerative colitis

Stepan S. Filip, Rudolf M. Slivka, Andrii M. Bratasiuk, Yuriy P. Skrypynets, Anatoly I. Shitev
Pseudomembranous colitis as a complication in Covid-19

Svitlana Yu. Karatieieva, Oleksandr M. Slobodian, Yuriy Yu. Moseychuk, Natalya Ya. Muzyka, Kseniya V. Slobodian, Olena O. Moroz
Dynamic comparison the lower extremities length in students education in higher institutions

Anatoliy Potapchuk, Vasyl Almashi, Yevhen Onipko, Csaba Hegedűs
The influence of immediate intraoperative loading with a splinting component on supporting tissues during
a one-stage implant

Qayssar Joudah Fadheel
Assessment of the potential effects of l-carnitine and cinnamon supplementation on weight loss and body composition
Olesya M. Horlenko, Khrystyna Hechko, Lyubomyra B. Prylypko, Mykhaylo Hechko, Fedir V. Horlenko, Adrian I. Tomey, Agneta V. Lenchenko
Analysis and interpretation of Coronavirus infection children’s incidence, contributing factors, risks of complications
and their relationship

Bohdan M. Patskan, Valerii D. Beliayev, Kateryna V. Bora, Nataliia V. Bondarenko
A case of successful treatment of a rare retinal disease presented by interferon-induced retinopathy

Mohammed Hamzah Ibadi, Sahar Majeed, Fadhaa Abdulameer Ghafil, Najah R. Hadi
Effects of CDDO-EA in sepsis-induced acute lung injury: mouse model of endotoxaemia

Nina G. Goida, Zhanna S. Oktysiuk
Results of the study of the attitude of women of reproductive age to the integrated gynecological care provision by family physicians

Ammar Abdul Aziz Alibeg, Mohammed Hassan Mohammed
Molecular docking, synthesis, characteristics and preliminary cytotoxic study of new coumarin-sulfonamide derivatives as histone deacetylase inhibitors

Yelyzaveta S. Sirchak, Vasyl V. Kalytych, Erica S. Dobryanska (Opalenyk), Volodimir G. Mihlyas, Ivan I. Kohutych, Valeriya V. Brych, Mykhailo M. Ivachevskyi
Features of exocrine pancreatic insufficiency in patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in combination
with type 2 diabetes and COVID-19

Stepan S. Filip, Vitaliy M. Kochmar, Vasyl V. Stoika, Ivan I. Pushkash
Endoscopic and morphological features of chronic gastritis in patients with lumbar spine osteochondrosis

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